Studiospares S300 Ribbon Microphone unboxing

Studiospares S300 Ribbon Microphone unboxing


Last Updated on September 11, 2017 by Andrew Culture

That ‘classic, warm ribbon mic sound’ has, so far, been out of my reach financially for a number of years. Recently, several manufacturers have produced ribbon microphones at fairly low prices, generally garnering positive reviews relative to their cost and, although Studiospares is known more for audio equipment retailing, they also stock their own-badged, budget versions of various pieces of studio equipment.

I couldn’t find any reviews of this particular product, but I did find feedback for a couple of their other badged microphones that seemed favorable. The S300 was in a sale discounted from £87 to £59 (at time of writing) and as I wasn’t intending this to be used for anything really critical recording-wise, I decided to take a gamble on it. My initial impressions from the pictures on the website were borne out when I opened the box and I was surprised at the quality of the included extras as well as the weight and finish of the microphone itself.

As an addendum to the unboxing video, I have since seen the replacement ribbon assemblies available on Studiospares’ website for £25 although, hopefully, I won’t be needing one soon.

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