Soundtoys release new reverb plug in FREE

Soundtoys release new reverb plug in FREE

Sound Toys Little Plate reverb

Last Updated on November 7, 2017 by Andrew Culture

Teased over the last few days with ambiguous videos on social media, Soundtoys have today released their newest plugin: Little Plate.

The reverb is based on the fabled EMT-140 plate reverb, originally introduced in 1957 and is famed for its smooth reverb tail and has been heard on countless classic recordings.

After listening to five separate EMT-140s before designing their own virtual version, Soundtoys then added their own twists to the plugin as well. In addition to control over the decay time (0.5 seconds to infinite – yes, you read that correctly) they have also included a low cut control, a Mod switch that introduces modulation to the reverb tail and a wet/dry mix control, so the plugin can be used on a channel insert as well as a send/return.

The plugin is available in AAX, VST and AU formats and requires Mac OSX 10.8 or later, or Windows 7 or later to work, as well as an iLok account (but not an iLok device).

Sound good? Well, the audio examples on their website certainly do and if that’s not enough, Soundtoys are offering this plugin for the princely sum of FREE until November 22nd 2017.

Get more details direct from the Soundtoys website…



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