News: Sonivox release new Supersaw and FM synth

News: Sonivox release new Supersaw and FM synth

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Last Updated on May 30, 2018 by Gareth Patch

Taking a cue from the renewed use of Supersaw waveforms in the trance and hardcore genres, Sonivox have released a new virtual instrument that combines edgy sounds with ethereal manipulation.

Stratum (meaning layers) is a new take on, and borrows from, synthesis techniques used in the Roland JP-8000 from the mid-90s. The Supersaw waveform was developed by Roland to sound like a number of saw-toothed oscillators running together, slowly detuning against each other over time. This creates a harsh, edgy buzz that was used extensively for lead and bass sounds in certain dance genres.

Sonivox have extended this idea by combining the Supersaw with a 4-operator FM synthesizer that can be used separately or layered together and they suggest that the sounds generated are perfect for Synthwave, Vaporwave and retro electro production.

The virtual instrument also includes a clutch of built in effects, including Chorus, Reverb, Delay and Phaser and if that’s not enough, an XY pad controls the mix of an additional Bit Crusher, Dirty Phaser, Wah-Wah and a Non-Linear Delay. There are also 2 independent arpeggiators to affect the Supersaw and FM sections separately and to cap it all off, a modulation matrix of four LFOs with modwheel control and an 8-step sequencer.

Stratum is available now and Sonivox are currently offering an introductory offer price of USD99.99 until 30th June 2018, when it will increase to USD199.99. It is available as VST, AU and AAX formats as well as standalone.

For further information, visit Sonivox here…