Raiders of the Lost Ark and setting your studio on fire

Raiders of the Lost Ark and setting your studio on fire

fire in a studio

Last Updated on August 24, 2017 by Andrew Culture

In a recent posts we’ve talked about the role the Arturia Matrixbrute played in a recent Hollywood film.  We also brought news of the latest Spitfire Audio offering, a package designed for adding symphonic strings to film scores.  Today we bring you something from another part of the world of movies – sound effects.

It may disappoint you learn this, but it probably won’t surprise you, the old process of every sound effect for every movie being created uniquely for a every film are long gone.  For decades now movie sound effects have come from stock libraries.

As an aside one of the most famous movie sound effects is know as the ‘Wilhelm scream‘.  We won’t dwell on the Wilhelm scream here, but we recommend looking it up.  Once you’ve heard it once you’ll spot it at least once a month as you watch television, movies or even listen to radio plays.

Pro Sound Effects – Industrial Sounds with Soul

One of the most famous creators of sound effects is the American company ‘Pro Sound Effects’.  The name does what it says on the tin.  Pro Sound Effects have just released a new library titled ‘Industrial Sounds with Soul’.  Featuring unique recordings of roaring factory ambience, hypnotic oscillating rhythmic machinery, metallic clanks, clicks, ticks and more.

The Industrial collection is made up of 42 sound effects, all available as 24-bit/48kHz broadcast WAV files.  The effects have been created by the legendary Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet.  The Kroeber-Splet partnership have worked on the sound effects for an incredible number of television projects, games and movies.  In fact six of the movies they worked on went on to win Academy Awards for sound.

Considering the calibre of the creation of this new effects library the one-user lifetime licence cost of $89 strikes us as a bit of a bargain.
Find out more (and get a free sample) here…

So, about that fire…

Before you start accusing us of clickbait crimes we’ll explain the title to this post.  Today Pro Sound Effects have also announced that they will shortly be releasing a quite astonishing sounding package of effects from industry stalwarts Mark Mangini & Richard L. Anderson.  Titled the ‘Mangini-Anderson Sound Library‘ this collection, from the creators’ private collection will be available soon.  To get notified when the package is released sign up here.

During an interview with Pro Sound Effects about his recording process and approach to sound for film, Mark Mangini shared a funny (and amazing!) story about recording fire sounds with partner Richard L. Anderson for an iconic scene from Spielberg’s classic 1981 film Raiders of the Lost Ark.

In the film, during a shootout between Indiana Jones and the Nazi commander’s henchmen, fire starts spreading throughout the bar and catches a trail of spilled whiskey. And like true sound recordists, Mangini and Anderson were not willing to settle in their portrayal of the igniting trail of flames – so out came the sterno and benzene. Find out who is “the incredible burning man” in this short clip:

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