Producer Michael Marquart invests in a API Legacy AXS Console

Producer Michael Marquart invests in a API Legacy AXS Console

API Legacy AXS Console
Legacy AXS Recording and Mixing Console

Last Updated on July 10, 2017 by Andrew Culture

Michael Marquart, former drummer of Flock of Seaguls is a producer whose name might not be household name but the acts he has worked with certainly are.  Marquart has been involved in crafting hugely successful albums by the likes of Jay-Z, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

A lot of the work on some seriously massive albums has been carried out at Windmark Recording Studios in Santa Monica.  But it’s Marquart’s private recording facility in Virginia that is about to get a serious upgrade.  Michael has invested in a API 32 channel Legacy AXS console.

He explains:
“I am very excited to install a new API 32 channel Legacy AXS console in my east coast studio,” says Marquart. “I have always been a big fan of API’s mic pre’s and the 550A eq’s. Now I get all that and a lot more in a large format desk. I especially like the moving fader automation.”

Since 1989 API have delivered 75 of their legacy series consoles around the world, almost all of which are still in active service.

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