Preview: IK Multimedia’s Total Studio 2 MAX

Preview: IK Multimedia’s Total Studio 2 MAX

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Last Updated on March 21, 2018 by Gareth Patch

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and wanted everything on the menu? Well, if that’s the case when you look at music making software, then we have news for you.

IK Multimedia has announced the availability of a new package that, as far as I can tell, includes every software product they currently sell. I say as far as I can tell as, having looked at the list of included products, it’s quite a lot to take in. If you’re interested in expanding your current set-up by a factor of unsightly proportions, have a look at what’s included.

SampleTank MAX

Currently in it’s third incarnation, SampleTank is a complete, multitimbral workstation with its own standard library of 33GB of content and the MAX version comes with an additional 23 libraries including Alan Parsons’ Imperial Grand Piano, Neil Peart Drums and the (frankly stunning) Cinematic Percussion.

SampleTank 3 Browser

Miroslav Philharmonik 2

If you’re in need of orchestral sounds, then IK’s Miroslav Philharmonik 2 may press all the right buttons and contains strings, woodwinds, brass, choirs and a myriad of other instruments recorded at the CNSO Orchestra Studios in Prague. Made in collaboration with legendary jazz bassist Miroslav Vitous this application weighs in at massive 58GB of multi-sampled high-definition audio, featuring multiple articulations and a range of studio effects and mastering processors from other IK products.

Miroslav Instrument Browser


If synthesizers are your bag, then the full Syntronik package brings all its analogue goodness to the fray, with a total of 17 instruments based on 38 iconic vintage designs. From the classic acid of the Roland TB-303 to the venerable Minimoog, you can layer synths to create your own original sounds, with independent arpeggiators and effects chains and even swap filters from one breed of synth to another.

Syntronik Synth Interface

T-Racks 5 MAX & Lurssen Mastering Console

When originally released, T-Racks was a standalone mastering solution for those looking for an analogue sound. Now, it can also be used as a collection of single plugins for your DAW to give you access to some classic pieces of outboard gear, including the Pultec EQP-1A and Fairchild 670. There are 39 processors in all, including analogue recreations to add colour to your sound as well as transparent modules to keep your sounds clean. The package also includes IK’s official emulation of the Lurssen Mastering console and a comprehensive set of metering and assembly tools for your finished masters.

T-Racks 5 Modules


Not just another virtual instrument based on samples, MODO BASS has been designed to mimic a wide number of variables to breathe life into your bass tracks. You can choose from 14 different basses, from the classic 60s P-Bass to current models, such as the impressive Fodera Custom 6-string. You can also customize playing styles, hand positions, string types and pick-up types to adapt the sound to whatever genre you are recreating, even down to the minutiae of pick thickness. Add to this a selection of stomp boxes and amps and you have a complete modelled electric bass collection.

MODO BASS Rickenbacker

AmpliTube MAX

Talking of amps, the current complete collection of AmpliTube equipment is included as part of this package. Not only do you get the MAX version of the software, which contains gear from Orange, MESA/Boogie and ENGL to name a few, but you also get the latest add-on packs of the Fulltone Collection, Fender Collection 2 and Ampeg SVX 2. All in all, that’s more than 350 amps, cabs, stomp boxes, mics and rack effects. Coupled with the ability to change the acoustic space as well as swapping individual virtual speakers around in the cabinets, you’ve now got more choice for your guitar tone.

AmpliTube 4 Cab And Speakers


IK Multimedia say “Total Studio 2 MAX comprises 94 award-winning products, 16,800 sounds, 39 high-end mixing and mastering processors and over 350 of most sought-after gear models for guitar and bass, which is more than any other collection on the market, and offers a virtual one-stop-workshop that covers any music production needs from A to Z.” They go on to suggest that it is the “…widest and most balanced collection of virtual instruments, mix and master processors, amps and effects available. Furthermore, it represents unbeatable value, saving up to 90 percent off the individual purchase price of the included products.”

Making Music has already reviewed some of the included products and you can have an in-depth look, including videos, by clicking on the following links.

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We are going to have an overall review of the Total Studio 2 MAX package, just as soon as we find a computer with enough hardrive to install it all on! Watch this space.

Alternatively, if MAX is a little more than you need, IK have also released an entry-level version called Total Studio 2 DELUXE, which includes 35 products including AmpliTube 4 Deluxe, T-RackS 5 Deluxe, SampleTank 3, Miroslav Philharmonik 2 and more.

For further details and pricing check out the product page at IK Multimedia…



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