Pioneer’s Steez Music Players

Pioneer’s Steez Music Players

Pioneer Steez STZ-D10S-L - Review

Last Updated on October 8, 2016 by Andrew Culture

If you like music and you like to move around while you listen to it, it can be hard to find a way that you can do this without being plugged into earphones all the time. Now there is a solution and it comes in the form of the new Steez range of music players from Pioneer. They are portable and have been designed with the dance-troupe in mind. Dancers will not have to worry about plugs, cables, and staying in the same place while the music is playing.

Someone who owns one of these new music players will have a lot more freedom than they had previously had. If they come up with an idea to dance in a park, then they simply need to contact their dance partners via their Android or iPhone. Then they can all meet up and bust some moves. It would be that easy, not far from signing on to your email or account. There are three different models that customers can choose from, the STZ-D10S-L “Solo” which costs $299, the STZ-D10T-G “Duo” priced at $349 and the STZ-D10Z-R “Crew” for $499.

Each one of these models comes with software that is exclusive to the company. It keeps your beats in time, allows you to change the tempo and set cue points. There is even a Battle Mode that notifies you when the next dancer is up, while playing your chosen sequence of songs. The Steez models will be out soon, and the anticipation is sure to build-up for those who are interested.

It looks to be really useful for dance troupes, as well as people who just like the take their music with them in a way that enables them to share it with others. With a Steez, music tracks can be customizable due to Pioneer’s MATRIX software. It transforms the music library of a dancer and enables them to really make the music their own.

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