News: Genelec throws 40th birthday celebrations with help from Boiler Room

News: Genelec throws 40th birthday celebrations with help from Boiler Room

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Last Updated on April 27, 2018 by Gareth Patch

Revered studio monitor developers Genelec have been in business since 1978, so it’s only fit to celebrate with a bit of a shindig.  In collaboration with Boiler Room, the Internet broadcasting platform, a series of events, films and contests will look to the future of music, sound and art and include some up-and-coming and ground-breaking artists.  

Genelec have been producing some inspiring speaker designs for 4 decades, often lauded for their ‘family’ sound, with neutrality and high quality, reflecting what the industry has demanded throughout this time.  They are perhaps almost as ubiquitous as a well-known, white-coned speaker, so often seen on desks and meter bridges in studios. Boiler Room began humbly in 2010 with a webcam taped to the wall of, well, a warehouse boiler room, when they first streamed a live DJ mixtape set for an online magazine. Since then, they have collected and broadcast more than 4000 performances, including one of the earliest uses of 360° format technology for Run The Jewels.

So far, the programme includes electronic artists Lorenzo Senni, Caterini Barbieri, Not Waving, Rian Treanor and Peder Mannerfelt all performing at the main event in Helsinki on 7th June.  To launch the project, a series of 16mm short films will explore production techniques, entitled Science of Sound and will be interspersed with a video guide to using loudspeakers for studio monitoring put together with Genelec’s audio engineering team.

And to cap it all, a competition is to be held in the run up to the celebration open to all producers, with the winner receiving the opening set in Helsinki to start the proceedings, as well as prizes of Genelec speakers to the runners up.

For more information, invitation requests and competition details, checkout the Genelec/Boiler Room page here…