Give Your Sound New Life with United Plugins and SounDevice’s Randomachine

Give Your Sound New Life with United Plugins and SounDevice’s Randomachine


Last Updated on April 23, 2024 by Mo Ashraf

Sometimes you want to give your sound samples or music an extra kick. Be it a step, distortion, or effects like gunshots or glass breaks, United Plugins is teaming up with SounDevice to offer up their new must-have randomiser plugin, the Randomachine! Now, it may sound like a comic book villain’s death ray machine, but it’s much, much cooler, allowing you to quickly make several variants of one sound sample…and it’s all 100% free till April 21st!

How Does the Randomachine Work?

The purpose of sounDevice’s Randomachine is to fight monotony and destroy uniformity, and because every audio material has to be different, the Randomachine has three different trigger sources: Audio input, project tempo, and MIDI information. If you’re not a music nerd, it’s actually quite simple.

The Randomachine’s trigger sources involve TRANSIENT, SYNC, and MIDI. TRANSIENT changes the, well, transients! It’s basically like an antenna, firing up the Randomachine when a signal comes in, and so sonic hits change the settings of the selected effects. Next up is the SYNC source, which synchronises the project tempo within the host Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), which changes the settings of the effects, like every beat and hi-hat. Lastly, there’s the MIDI option, AKA Musical Instrument Digital Interface, where every note from a track or controller can reset the Randomachine.

The Randomachine also comes with not one, not three, but six unique changers. This makes your sound unique, as every hit will be different. For a project like videogame sounds or background effects, this is ideal. The six changers are DISTORT, PAN, AMBIENCE, TIME, PITCH, and FORMANT.

The DISTORT changer distorts (duh!) or changes the saturation of the audio. PAN, short for Panorama, randomly shifts the left/right position of the panorama. AMBIENCE lets you play around with reverb time and space of the audio. TIME and PITCH change the, try to guess it…the timing and pitch! Last but not least, FORMANT plays with the formant, but there’s a catch of the spectral analysis involved, adding latency.

Why Should I Use SounDevice’s Randomachine?

The Randomachine has plenty of uses, especially in film and game design. How many times might you use a gunshot or closing door sound? It would feel very monotonous if it sounded the same every single time. Instead of spending an entire evening chucking bottles to get a variety of glass-breaking sounds, you can simply chuck one bottle, clean up the glass first, throw the recording into the Randomachine, and get ten different glass-breaking sounds.

Relieving monotony is the number one goal of the Randomachine, according to the developer. It achieves this by offering as many tools as possible like 64-bit audio quality (192 kHz+), photorealistic GUI (Graphical User Interface), bypass functionality, and even a sleep mode to save your CPU’s valuable resources.

The Randomachine is currently available 100% free till April 21st, and if you’re reading from the future where the sale has ended and hopefully aliens haven’t taken over yet, then you can still grab a 15-day free full-feature trial. So, grab your copy and start making all the door creaks, gunshots, and glass breaks you could possibly need!