Get the Band Together with the MODO €/$79.99 Bass and Drum Sale!

Get the Band Together with the MODO €/$79.99 Bass and Drum Sale!


Last Updated on April 11, 2024 by Mo Ashraf

Is your band missing a drummer or a bassist? Well, now you don’t have to go scour the streets of your neighbourhood trying to find the best sound coming out of a 20-something’s mom’s garage because MODO has got your back with their MODO Bass 2 and MODO Drum 1.5 kits for as low as $/€79.99 each.

The MODO Drum 1.5

There’s one thing a virtual drum kit has over an actual drummer and that’s never being late. If drum kits were people, then the MODO Drum 1.5 would be the John Bonham of drum software. This MODO Drum 1.5 gives you not one, not five, but thirteen fully customizable virtual drum kits.

The MODO Drum 1.5 gives you control over every nook and cranny of a drum set, with innovative award-winning modal synthesis technology that you won’t find anywhere else. There’s even an integrated grooves manager with over 1400 grooves. So, now there are two people you don’t need to play Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’: a human drummer and a partner.

Each of the 13 kits in the MODO Drum 1.5 has very distinctive sound and clean look for all your customization dreams. You can go anywhere from grungy to metal to plexi. If you really have a ton of free time now that again, your drummer is no longer always late, you can even customize the dimensions of the virtual drum. The most impressive thing it shares with a real drummer, though, is the infinite round-robin feature. This feature ensures that no hit sounds identical; a God-given talent to a human, and a cool feature for software!

So, for just $/€79.99, you can save yourself the hassle of carrying a full drum set everywhere and finding a place to store it. Technology replacing humans is a dangerous future, but maybe it’s not so bad when the tech sounds this good.

The MODO Bass 2

Bass software like the MODO Bass 2 saves you the awkward conversation of demoting a guitar player to bass, like a good 85% of bands. Not only does the MODO Bass 2 have no feelings to get hurt, but it’s also entirely physically modelled, with twenty-two basses and tons of additional controls.

Just like the MODO Drum 1.5, you can customize every ounce of your virtual basses, from play style to hand position to the strings and electronics. Another feature shared with the MODO Drum 1.5 is the modal synthesis technology that breathes life and rejuvenation into your bass playing. The bass sound is so realistic that you won’t even notice that there’s no quiet bassist awkwardly standing at the back on stage.

The MODO Bass 2 adds eight new virtual basses to play any classic piece you want. There are even six new electric models, including two legendary fretless basses and two double-brass instruments. With that, you can wake your neighbours to Metallica’s ‘Anesthesia’ all night.

Human musicians have different play styles, and software is no different. The MODO Bass 2 gives you several bassist play styles like fingers, slap, pick, and mute. The advanced PATTERNS section also gives you full browsing control of songs by genre, sound section, length, time signature, and more. Everything is so intricate that it proves playing the bass isn’t as simple as just slapping your fingers. So, cut the bassists some slack, guitarists!


Being in a band is all about camaraderie and group spirit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t substitute with a program or two like the MODO Drum 1.5 and MODO Bass 2. Both kits give you unparalleled realism and flexibility that you won’t even tell the difference between them and your mates in rehearsals. Also, finding good players is hard, but buying them for just $/€79.99 each is easier—metaphorically, not criminally.