Fender announce bluetooth speakers

Fender announce bluetooth speakers

Fender Bluetooth Speakers

Here at Making-Music we don’t usually report on consumer electronics, but the bluetooth speakers that Fender have announced look likely to appeal to our readers.

Named after two of California’s most iconic music festivals, the Newport and Monterey bluetooth streaming speakers certainly look the part.  Modelled on the classic Fender amps both models feature the ‘silverface’ we all know and love.  The Newport, which is the smaller of the two speakers certainly borrows some of the look of Fender amps, but the larger Monterey looks so much like an amplifier it could pass as one on a small stage.

Following on from the strong Fender theme even the volume, bass and treble knobs look like they have been lifted from finishing room at the Fender amp factory.

Fender claim that these small bluetooth speakers even sound like Fender amps, which is feature we’re not entirely sure would suit all music.  No more than how a fender guitar amp would suit all styles of live music.  It also leaves us wondering which Fender amp these speakers sound like?  Do they have the warm throaty drive of the Blues Deluxe or the stark, cutting sound of an amp like a Fender Twin?

Muso pedantry aside Fender aren’t just relying on guitar obsessives buying these bluetooth speakers, a fact backed up by the impressive specification on both devices.

Fender Newport – tech spec

The Fender Newport it fitted with a Lithium-ion battery that boasts a twelve hour battery life.  In fact the battery has so much cloud you can use it to charge a smartphone or tablet.  The Newport has two full-range drivers, married with an appropriate tweeter, punting out a total of 30 watts.

In a twist that we didn’t see coming, the Newport Bluetooth Speakers can also be used to make hands-free phone calls!

Fender Monterey – tech spec

In many ways the Monterey is the bigger sibling of the Newport.  Unlike the Newport the Monterey requires an AC power source.  But what it lacks in mobility it makes up for in power and flexibility.  The Monterey has two 5.12″ woofers and two 1″ tweeters.  The total quoted power output is a whopping 120 watts.  In addition to the volume bass and treble knobs it has in common with the smaller Newport, the Monterey has an EQ preset switch, allowing the listener to model the sound to the shape of the room.  The Monterey also has a 1/8″ input and dual analog RCA inputs.

Fender Bluetooth Speakers – conclusion

The market for bluetooth speakers is a reasonably crowded one, but we think Fender’s Newport and Monterey devices are going to seriously tempt the wallets of a lot of our readers.  With an RRP of £189 for the Newport, and £299 Monterey the price seems very reasonable for the quality.