Celemony launch training program for Melodyne

Celemony launch training program for Melodyne

Celemony Melodyne training

Last Updated on August 11, 2017 by Andrew Culture

Celemony are the latest company to announce an online training program.  The company’s principle product is Melodyne.  The easiest way to describe Melodyne (if you’ve not heard of it before) is to say that it is musical witchcraft.  Unlike some other audio editing tools Melodyne allows the user to do things with sound (even notes!) that a few decades would have been either impossible, unimaginable, or both!

The features list for Melodyne is long and impressive.  But features lists don’t always express what’s actually capable with audio software.  How can you know you need a feature if you’ve never been aware such a feature is in existence.  For some engineers even understanding what software is capable of can be the first obstacle to knowing you need it.

Knowing whether software is essential, or ‘nice to have’ takes, above all, experience, which is precisely what the creators of the new Melodyne Training section have set out to share. Users will find there practical advice on streamlining workflows, correct technique, and what to and what not to do in order to make successful use of Melodyne and obtain the best possible sound.

The Training pages are devoted primarily to lead vocals, double-tracking and vocal harmonies – all of them typical Melodyne applications. Topics include: the correct reading of the pitch curve, strategies for musically coherent and natural-sounding tuning, and the handling of timing errors as well as other problems that crop up constantly in day-to-day production. The contents are designed not only to get beginners off to the best possible start with a sound understanding of the Melodyne modus operandi, but also to provide experienced producers with valuable tips on things like the avoidance of artifacts and the swiftest way of doing things.

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