Celemony Capstan version 1.3 free update

Celemony Capstan version 1.3 free update

Celemony Capstan

Last Updated on July 18, 2017 by Andrew Culture

German sound crafters Celemony GmbH have released a new update for their Capstan software.  Capstan is a software package designed to remove wow and flutter from tape and vinyl recordings.  The update to version 1.3 is free and includes several significant detail enhancements.

One of the biggest changes to the new version of Capstan is the ability to load files that are larger than 1.5gb.  Celemony tell us this improvement was made following requests from Capstan users.  Equally important is the fact that users working with very large files should experience no loss in performance, thanks in no small part to the support for HiDPI on compatible Windows systems.  The latest iLok driver software is also supported.

As with previous versions, this edition of Capstan is based on Celemony’s own DNA (direct note access) technology, which is also used by Melodyne.  Regardless of the medium being worked with Capstan is capable of detecting wow and flutter.

Unlike some other solutions, Capstan doesn’t rely on reading the bias, meaning that the software can still function even if the source tape is several generations away from being an original, or if the tape has been digitized at a low sampling rate.

If you’ve not heard of Capstan before you might be interested to know that this software has become industry standard in many well known restoration and mastering studios.  Capstan is also used extensively by broadcasters and archivists.  Capstan is directly responsible for the rescue and restoration of countless historic recordings.

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