Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips
Christmas Hits

How to Produce a Christmas Number One Hit

The worst thing about Christmas has to be listening to Top Of The Pops and the Christmas Number 1 – Girls Aloud, Robbie Williams,...
David Booth - The Recording Studio

Interview: David Booth, The Recording Booth

For the second of our series of interviews with leading industry professionals we're speaking to someone who offers something a little extra to everyone...
Drum Loops

Drum Loop and Sample Tips

Although there are more drum sample CDs out there than Madonna albums, the die hard sample aficionado will want to do everything from scratch,...
Pro Tips for Pro Sound

12 Top Tips on how to get that Pro Sound

Mixing with the best EQ 1) If you have a loose, muddy bass sound the best thing to do is to record it again properly....
Views From The Desk

What Sound Engineers Wished You Knew – Views From The Desk II

Let’s talk about specs… Even the most experienced of sound engineers have a list of items that they always...