Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips
Music Sampler

Sample editing

The manipulation of audio samples is an integral part of the music process. We describe the essential functions you'll find in most audio editors...
How to create drum loops

Creating and Manipulating Drum Loops

A little sample manipulation and processing can help create your perfect drum loop. We wield the scissors and the paste pot... Drum tracks form the...
Production and Mixing tips

Music Production and Mixing Tips & Tricks

What makes a pro recording pro? What is the "sound" that the pros get and how can you make your recordings sound more professional?...
Drum Loops

Drum Loop and Sample Tips

Although there are more drum sample CDs out there than Madonna albums, the die hard sample aficionado will want to do everything from scratch,...
Christmas Hits

How to Produce a Christmas Number One Hit

The worst thing about Christmas has to be listening to Top Of The Pops and the Christmas Number 1 – Girls Aloud, Robbie Williams,...