Hardware Reviews & News

Hardware Reviews & News
Bastl Kastle synth

Bastle Kastle synth – it’s here!

I've been wanting to tinker with analog synthesizers since accidentally watching the module synth documentary 'I dream of wires' on Netflix.  I've been a...
Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Review

Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Review

PO-12 / PO-14 / PO-20 (rrp £55)Buy in the UK | Buy in the USAMy first introduction to the world of Teenage Engineering was...
Best SSD for making music

Best SSDs For The Money

Regular readers of the Making Music Newsletter will know we've discussed the pros and cons of SSDs - Solid State Drives - for use...
Pioneer Steez STZ-D10S-L - Review

Pioneer’s Steez Music Players

If you like music and you like to move around while you listen to it, it can be hard to find a way that...
Egosys' MI/ODI/O - candidate for the worst name in the history of digital audio - has an optical input on the backplane while the MIDI and S/PDIF connections run into one connector cable.

Egosys Waveterminal 192L digital audio cards

Is a high-quality, low cost digital audio card a possibility? We fight it out with our Ego... Information Products: Waveterminal 192L and MI/ODI/O Manufacturer: Egosys Prices: 192L  $269 ...
Audigy IO Hub

Creative Labs’ Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro

Creative Labs' new top-of-the-range sound card is the company's most advanced card yet. Is it a blast from the past or a fillip for...