Yep, like the Quick Guides, these were written a while ago, too. VST Tips & Tricks should still work. Although Cubase has been updated, the overall principles still apply. NOTE: this is a book of tips & tricks, not a substitute for the manual!

Sequencer Secrets – I’m amazed this is still going after – yes, well, work it out for yourself – the screenshots are from software running on the Atari ST! It was the first book to offer suggestions and alternative ideas about how to use a sequencer and it spawned several imitators. The ideas can still be applied to modern sequencers and it includes a few ideas I haven’t seen elsewhere. One day it will go out of print. I’m sure!

Being ‘of an age’, you can pick these up for a few pennies or cents.

Cubase VST Tips & Tricks

Cubase creator Charlie Steinberg says:

“Cubase VST Tips and Tricks is more than just another book about VST. It’s a readable introduction for the novice, but it also offers a lot of ‘insider’ tips for experienced VST users and professionals (I’m a bit of an expert myself, but even I picked up some pretty useful tips) and the book takes some new angles on the program that will inspire you to be even more creative – highly recommended! Have fun.”

There’s not much you can’t do with Cubase VST – but how many users really achieve full mastery over the program?

In this highly practical and creative book you will discover a wealth of tips and tricks to help you become more creative and more productive.

* For PC and Mac
* Master VST sequencing
* Become an Audio expert
* Explore VST’s powerful ‘hidden’ features
* Time-saving shortcuts
* Troubleshooting and FAQs
* Become a VST power user

The manual explains how VST works but this book shows you how to use it! You’ll find tips on optimising your computer system, improving your grooves, audio and MIDI quantisation, using dynamic events, arranging, recording, synchronisation, using the editors, mixing, fader automation, audio processing, using audio effects, EQ, troubleshooting, and much, much more…

An essential book for all Cubase VST users who want to get the most out of this powerful program.

Sequencer Secrets

The manual may tell you how your sequencer works, but Sequencer Secrets goes beyond any manual. In this concise, creative and intensely practical book, Ian Waugh explains how you can get the best from any software sequencer.

It contains a collection of hints and tips acquired over many years of experience with a wide range of software sequencers. It explains how to master functions you may have previously ignored, how to use short cuts to speed up your work, and how to turn your sequencer from a recording tool into a creative music machine. The book will show you how to:

* Optimise your MIDI system
* Create MIDI echoes
* Create instant harmonies
* Humanise your drum patterns
* Use controller messages more effectively
* Use quantisation more effectively
* Create more realistic instrument parts
* Program gate effects
* Use sequences live