Blast Your Tunes, Not Your Wallet with Plugin Boutique’s $29 and Under...

Blast Your Tunes, Not Your Wallet with Plugin Boutique’s $29 and Under Sale!

Musician buying plugins at Plugin Boutique.

Last Updated on April 11, 2024 by Mo Ashraf

Making good music requires a ton of natural talent, but they say God doesn’t give with both hands and it can often be expensive with the prices of instruments and audio tools nowadays. Well, not anymore! With the $29 and under sale, you can finally get some of the best audio tools on the market that won’t ruin your credit score but might ruin your neighbours’ good night’s sleep with how often you’ll be blasting your tunes!

1-Baby Audio: Starting at £23/$29

Baby Audio tools are exactly what you need for those awesome effects. In 2024, you’re most likely not blasting the simple chords of Frank Sinatra, so you need a delay, compressor, and multi-effect to really take your music to the next level. Baby Audio’s delay offers everything you might need, plus a few extra surprises up its digital sleeve. The parallel aggressor processor is like your basic parallel processor but on steroids with its dry, heat, and spank duplicates! Lastly, the Super VHS multi-effect harkens back to the olden days of the 80s, with a modern twist!

2-Airburn Sounds: Starting at £16.50/$17

Airburn Sounds is giving you the deal of a lifetime with five incredible audio tools that will for sure give you that sweet nostalgia of your high school band, even if you’re working 9-5 with three kids! The Couture transient shaper will make your music even more dynamic, especially your drums! The Graillon 2 is an even bigger update to the Graillon 1 vocal processor, because let’s face it, sometimes even the voice of an angel needs a bit of touching up here and there (We can’t all be Bruno Mars)

Speaking of angelic voices, why not go super deep metal or super high pop with their Inner Shift pitch shifter? Lastly, the Panagement 2 stereo width and Renegate gate will ensure you get crisp quality and all the distance and reverb effects you could possibly think of.

3-EVAbeat: Starting at £7.50/$9.50

EVAbeat is joining in on the “Broke at the end of the month but in need of good music” action with a ridiculous discount on their Melody Sauce 2 music theory tool. The Melody Sauce 2 will have you live out your dream of becoming a music producer ever since watching Straight Outta Compton and Bohemian Rhapsody. The tool offers nearly 100 sounds and 300 style settings, making it a simple and versatile tool to start your production journey.

4-Eventide: Starting at €25/$25

You’re probably on the lookout for good plugins, and Eventide has got you covered. They’re doing a 40-48% discount on their DeBoom, Sheen Machine, and EQ45 equalizers, as well as their Saturate saturation tool and and EQ65 filter!

5-Tokyo Dawn Labs: Starting at £10/$10

Speaking of plugins, Tokyo Dawn Labs is going toe-to-toe with Eventide with their plugin offers, but they’re offering even more tools like the TDR Kotelnikov dynamic processor, TDR Limiter 6 limiter, and TDR Molot GE compressor. Tokyo Dawn Labs’ tools are all about dynamic range control, coupled with flexibility. Also, the Russian names just make them sound way more hardcore; just ask the Kalashnikov!

6-Signum Audio: Starting at £24/$27

Signum Audio are doubling down on not one, but two essential tools: The BUTE Loudness Analyser 2 and the BUTE Limiter 2. The Loudness Analyser 2 is all about simplifying the sometimes arduous process of metering and balancing your sound to get the loudness just right with their easy-to-use interface. The Limiter 2 makes its functionality very interactive with options like examining true peak, gain reduction, and threshold and output readings. Maybe they should’ve added an R to BUTE because these tools are an absolute powerhouse.

7-MNTRA: Starting at £10/$10

Let’s face it, even though you wish you had every instrument on the planet, we all have to make do with one or two, but MNTRA’s virtual instruments make up for that with their virtual instruments that give you a musical experience from around the globe. Want a hardcore Viking twist for your track, or maybe a soothing ancient Asian tune? MNTRA has got you covered with their Orakle, Galactron, Kymera, Oro, Pripyat, and UDW virtual instruments.

8-Inphonik: Starting at £25.95/$29

The Inphonix RX Bundle promises to recreate the sounds of the golden era. The RX bundle includes the RX1200 12-bit Sampler Instrument and the RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter. Both tools rival the classic output of the SP-1200 and the Akai S950, which have defined music production and beatmaking for generations.

9-Denise Audio: Starting at £16/$19

Denise Audio is crushing the game with their low prices on the Dragon Fire compressor, Bite Harder bit crusher, and Perfect Room reverb. These tools will give you all the spikes, sound breaks, and colouration you could possibly want.

10-Caelum Audio: Starting at £14/$19

Caelum Audio are the new kids on the block in the audio tool game, but they’re here to make a name for themselves, so don’t count them out yet! They’re getting a seat at the adult table with up to a 70% discount on their 3-for-10 Sample Pack Bundle, Beatbox Kits, Ludere Kits, Beef multi-effect, and Flux Pro modulator. With youth comes novelty, and these guys are making their software as modern and fun as it can get.

11-Jamahook: Starting at £24.50/$24.50

Jamahook are one of the first to hop on the AI train while it’s still taking off with their Sound Assistant basic pack, which makes finding musical content infinitely faster with AI technology. The Sound Assistant can even accommodate up to 10,000 musical elements from your library, making it the Batman’s utility belt or Iron Man suit of music production tools!

12-Capsule: Starting at £12/$15

Capsule Audio is another behemoth of the virtual instrument game. Their virtual instruments will take you on a wild ride from choir-based angelic classics to modern electronic pianos and synth. Make your pieces as trippy as possible with Capsule’s tools, and it won’t cost you more than a Nandos chicken.

13-Plugin Boutique: Starting at £10/$10

Plugin Boutique is offering a unique Swiss army knife of a music production collection with their Core Collection of nine plugins that will give you all the bells and whistles you could possibly need from limiters to multi-effects to filters to enhancers.

Not only are Plugin Boutique offering killer discounts, but they’re also offering a free gift with your purchase for the month of April with your choice of the Excite Audio VISION 4X Lite or the Audified U78 Saturator!

14-Minimal Audio: Starting at €29/$20

Minimal Audio’s most acclaimed tools are the Cluster Delay and Swarm Reverb. The Scatter Delay gives you options all the way to having eight processed delay taps in time, with six integrated FX, 100 presets, and more. The Swarm Reverb has every option you need to create a smooth and expansive ambience.

15-Excite Audio: Starting at £20/$20

Excite Audio are renowned for their virtual instrument and spectral analysis tools. Excite Audio are so confident in their tools that they’re sure they can get your music competition ready with today’s top mixes.

16-Karanyi Sounds: Starting at £12.95/$14

Karanyi Sounds’ tools are all about the cinematic feel of music production. Their Lofi Keys and Midnite virtual instruments, Vapor Keys synth, and Wavesynth Kontakt instrument include some of the smoothest and simplest retro interfaces with powerful cinematic output for a price lower than a snack run to the grocery store.


Music production doesn’t have to break the bank, and deals like the $29 and under offer allow aspiring music-makers to live out their dream while making sure their savings are still intact. So, take out the piggybank, grab a few dollars, and start taking your music to new heights with these awesome audio tools!