Best SSDs for the Money – October 2012

Best SSDs for the Money – October 2012


Last Updated on October 8, 2016 by Andrew Culture

SSD (Solid State Drive) discussions have become a semi-regular feature here at Making Music and, as usual, we defer to the On Test expertise of Tom’s Hardware. Their round-up of the best value-for-money SSDs for October is here.

As SSDs develop, the question is no longer Do You Want an SSD? – Answer – of course you do! – but which one?

You probably don’t need a SSD for recording music as modern HDs are large and fast but a SSD will certainly speed up boot time and perceived computer speed.

However, a HD is probably the biggest speed bottleneck in your system and if you want to increase the speed of your PC, a SSD will add go-faster stripes!

If you do a lot of on-disk audio (or video) processing which results in a lot of disk thrashing, you will see a marked increase in speed with a SSD.

There are drives to suit all requirements and budgets from £50/$60 boot drives, up to £300/$450 high-end 512Gb drives. And, of course, lots inbetween.