Bastle Kastle synth – it’s here!

Bastle Kastle synth – it’s here!

Bastl Kastle synth

Last Updated on September 21, 2017 by Andrew Culture

I’ve been wanting to tinker with analog synthesizers since accidentally watching the module synth documentary ‘I dream of wires’ on Netflix.  I’ve been a bass player for about 25 years but have always felt the buzz and swirl of synths calling me.

Putting together a modular synth setup is unfeasible at the moment.  This is partly due the prohibitive costs involved, but also because until I have at least a foundation of understanding of synths then I don’t consider myself ready to tackle modular kit.

So I wanted a low cost way into the world of synths, and that’s why the Bastl Kastle was so appealing.  This beautiful little synth cost just €65.60 (at time of publishing) and offered much more than other low cost / lo-fi synths.  This was the only sub-£200 synth I could find that not only allowed patching, but is also capable of being integrated into a modular set up.  The Bastl Kastle can send a CV signal, which makes it an ideal starting point for my synth journey.  I plan to buy a Korg Volva Beats next, and as I understand it the Kastle will play nicely with anything in the Volca range.

When I was researching this purchase I was able to find plenty of YouTube videos showing how to use the Kastle, but I couldn’t find any videos that showed the synth up close.  I wanted to know exactly what the Kastle looked like, felt like and how solidly built it was.  Even although I knew the Kastle came with some tiny patch cables I couldn’t find out if it came with an instruction manual.  So that other folk who are interested in the Bastl Kastle could find out exactly what comes in the box I made this unboxing video:

There were a number of things about the way the Kastle was presented that really impressed me.  The attention to detail is quite remarkable, even down to the way the synth is so nicely wrapped in the box.  I also really liked the way the box had been stamped with a cheery design.  The Bastl Kastle arrives not only in a cute box, with cute wrapping paper, it also has a manual!

That’s enough from me for now, I’m off to play with my new toy.

Get your own Bastl Kastle here…



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