Audio Restoration – a master class

Audio Restoration – a master class

Steve Rosenthal MAKING MUSIC

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Steve Rosenthal gives an audio restoration master class

In the latest instalment of the Gear Club podcast four-time Grammy Award winner Steve Rosenthal shares a whole lot of what he knows about audio restoration.  Steve recently re-located to the DUMBO neighbourhood in Brooklyn, where he has set up his new restoration lab MARS.

Anyone who has been involved in, or wants to know more about audio restoration will find this instructional podcast fascinating.  Steve Rosenthal has worked on restoration projects for the likes of The Rolling Stones and Lou Reed, and has restored archive recordings from the likes of Woody Guthrie and Elvis Presley.  If you want to find out what Steve’s approach to fixing imperfections like wow and flutter then this episode of the Gear Club podcast is for you.

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About the Gear Club podcast

The Gear Club podcast is on a mission to capture the aural history of audio professionals and recording artists. Previous episodes have included interviews with Jay Messina, Greg Calbi, Steve Rosenthal, Bill Wittman, Vance Powell, Ken McKim, Suzanne Ciani, Richard Factor, Chris Shaw, Freddie Fletcher, Lyle Hysen, Jacob Sciba, Maggie Vail, Martha Mooke, and Steve Shelley. Hosted by John Agnello and Stewart Lerman. Sponsored by Eventide.

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