Audified Synergy R1 Reverb is released

Audified Synergy R1 Reverb is released

Audified Synergy R1 Reverb

Last Updated on November 15, 2017 by Andrew Culture

Originally announced at Summer NAMM 2017, the new hybrid hardware/software reverb from Audified is now available.

The Synergy R1 Reverb combines a number of different technologies into its double-width 500 series case taking in the best of both analogue and digital worlds. The unit itself is an algorithm-based reverb, made up of seven selectable spaces with front panel control of four parameters: decay, pre-delay, colour and type. This is coupled with a true analogue saturation section where you can choose from Germanium, Op Amp or J-FET circuits. Finally, each section can be used on its own as well as combined, so you can have the unit as a reverb, a saturator or both together.

Having outboard equipment, as part of a mixdown process, has been problematic if recalls and remixes are needed quickly unless you make detailed notes. The R1 has this covered as it can be connected to and controlled from your DAW via the front panel’s USB socket. The DAW can store and recall parameters, as well as remotely control the unit and send automation instructions.

The AD/DA conversion is 24-bit and the DSP calculates at 32-bit floating-point. The unit fits into an API-500 series rack and a system of LEDs and a numerical display give visual feedback when parameters are edited.

Audified Synergy Reverb Block Diagram

So if you want the versatility of a digital reverb with the benefit of saturation enhancing harmonics, this could be the unit for you. Well-known Czech composer/producer Boris Carloff suggests that “SYNERGY R1 is something new that sounds superb; I believe it’s a must-have processor for every studio — project or commercial.”

The software plug-in and standalone application is available in AAX, AU, VST2 and VST3 formats and require Mac OSX 10.9.5 (and above) or Windows (7 and above) to run.

Synergy presets screen
Synergy presets screen

The MSRP is currently US$1399.00 and Audified are offering free shipping on orders placed before the end of November.


For more in-depth information, visit the dedicated SYNERGY R1 webpage…