Aston Microphones massively crowd-tested new microphone moves to phase 2

Aston Microphones massively crowd-tested new microphone moves to phase 2

Aston Element Mic Making Music

Last Updated on April 3, 2022 by Andrew Culture

It’s hardly news, but here at we are big fans of pretty much everything that Aston Microphones get involved in. First to wow us was their absolutely brilliant reflection filter, the Halo. Then we got hold of their capacitor microphone, the Origin. We were so impressed with the Origin that at least two staffers here at now use an Aston Origin for every recording session.

Aston Microphones might be a relatively new name on the market, but they’ve gained a reputation that many more established manufacturers must envy.

Every new Aston mic gets blind tested by industry experts and a list of famous musicians as long as the longest XLR you’ve ever seen. Every one of the celebrity endorsees actually uses Aston mics, these are not names paid to appear on a list. In fact, Aston proudly claims that they have never paid any artist who endorses them. That fact alone speaks volumes.

So when Aston told us last month that they were developing a new microphone we were all ears. This suits Aston perfectly; they took the remarkable decision to extend the test group for their new product beyond their group of trusted industry professionals.

The Aston Element

Aston Microphones are using blind tests, assessed by the public to make choices about the path the development of their new ‘Element’ microphone will take. In this world-first thousands of musicians, home recording fanatics and many other people have been directly involved in taking blind listening tests online.

The public phase of testing is open until 15th July 2020, so if you want to get involved in this historic process you need to do it NOW!

Click here to get involved in ‘Project Element’…