Arturia announce MiniBrute 2 – the modular revenge!

Arturia announce MiniBrute 2 – the modular revenge!

Arturia MiniBrute 2 Making Music

Last Updated on January 15, 2018 by Andrew Culture

Arturia have lifted the veil on their latest adventure in synth hardware – the MiniBrute 2.

The MiniBrute is a 25 key analog monosynth designed to bridge the gap between what some might call ‘traditional’ synths, and the wallet-decimating world of modular synthesizers.  The MiniBrute 2 shares a lot of common ground with the original MiniBrute, including the excitable ‘Brute Factor’ knob.  Also being ported over from the MiniBrute’s older sibling is the brilliant Steiner-Parker filter.

So we know what’s the same, but what’s new for the MiniBrute 2?  The answer is ‘plenty’.  The biggest addition is the CV / Gate matrix.  The matrix can be used to re-route the MiniBrute 2 inner routings, as well as offering a neat way of interfacing with external gear, like modular systems.

arturia minibrute 2 first look

We haven’t actually gotten our sweaty hands on a MiniBrute 2 two, so we’ll let you know more when more details have been released.  What we do know is that the device looks like it has been brought away from the stark, brutal design of the original MiniBrute ? MicroBrute and brought more in-line with the sexy retro-wood design of devices like the Drumbrute.

Arturia are one of those brands who consistently crank out gear and software so enticing that none of us are ever likely to have a healthy bank balance again.  But with the sounds Arturia make… we’re happy to poor but loud.

Find out more about the MiniBrute 2 from the launch site…