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Review: Xils Lab PolyM

Manufacturer's website: Xils LabPrice: €89 (discounted at time of publication). Normal price €149 Xils Lab's PolyM – what is it? Xils Lab made a name for...


Aston Origin Capacitor Microphone

Aston Mics prove their mettle

What happens when you give British punk band IDLES some of your microphones to test, knowing they're armed with cricket bats and guitars?Check out...


creative thinking for musicians

3 essential mindset shifts for creative musicians

Albert Einstein was quoted as saying: “Creativity is intelligence having fun”, and as you may have experienced, making a creative vision come to life...

Hints & tips

Making the switch to Ableton

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Ableton - what? Sometimes, it seems like there are just too many choices of good DAWs out there, making it difficult to decide which one...

Audio Restoration – a master class

Steve Rosenthal MAKING MUSIC
Steve Rosenthal gives an audio restoration master class In the latest instalment of the Gear Club podcast four-time Grammy Award winner Steve Rosenthal shares a whole...

Guide to creating the perfect mix revamped and released for FREE

creating the perfect mix book
Several years ago we wrote a guide that we felt answered the questions people who were new to the world of mixing might have....