All You Need Is A Computer!

Life can be so unfair. Just because you can’t sing or play an instrument, why can’t you be a rock star?

Well, those shortcomings didn’t stop lots of ‘stars’.

But let’s turn it down a notch and say you wanna make music. Maybe you haven’t yet learned to play an instrument but you have lots of ideas. Can a computer help? You betcha!

Most songs have a similar structure with sections such as verse, chorus, middle eight, instrumental and so on. Take a look at The Quick Guide To Song Structure for more info.Continue reading

I finally succumbed to the temptation (see this post) and upgraded my laptop with a Crucial 512Gb M4 SSD.

UK Readers:   Crucial 512Gb M4 2.5-inch SATA 6Gb/s (SATA III)
USA Readers: Crucial 512Gb M4 2.5-inch SATA 6Gb/s (SATA III)

It’s fast! The old drive had a Windows Experience Index rating of 5.9 and was the slowest part of the system. The Crucial rates 8.1 and is the fastest. The slowest parts now are the graphics but as it’s not used for gaming this isn’t a problem.Continue reading

SSD (Solid State Drive) discussions have become a semi-regular feature here at Making Music and, as usual, we defer to the On Test expertise of Tom’s Hardware. Their round-up of the best value-for-money SSDs for October is here.

As SSDs develop, the question is no longer Do You Want an SSD? – Answer – of course you do! – but which one?Continue reading

After banging on about backing up, I had an email from JJ Jefferson saying he got himself a USB drive to backup his audio data and music files – good going, JJ – but now his computer can’t see the drive when he plugs it in.

This seems to happen with some drives but not others. I don’t know exactly why it happens but there is an easy fix. The problem seems to be that Windows hasn’t assigned the drive a drive letter.

I’ll run you through the process using Window 7.Continue reading

Headphones or monitors? The question used to divide much of the mixing community – and probably still does – but recent developments in music-listening habits have placed the subject back in the headlights.

At one time, virtually all professional mixing engineers would have said don’t mix on headphones full stop, but many are now relaxing their position. A little. In addition, many home studio owners don’t have any option but to mix on phones, or at least do most of their mixing on phones, so are these mixes doomed to failure?

Speakers vs PhonesContinue reading

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